Week 1
Introduction and Review of OpenGL
Week 2
3D Models
Week 3
Introduction to Shaders
Week 4
Procedural Textures
Week 5
Shader Lighting and Textures
Week 6
Image Processing
Week 7
Stored Textures
Textures for Data Storage: Noise
Week 8
Textures for Data Storage: Shadows
Particle Systems
Geometry Shaders
Week 9
Shaders: Review
GPU Computation
Week 10
Parallel Thinking
Optimizing Matrix-Vector Calculations (Jon Bruneau)
Week 11
OpenGL ES - iPhone - Android
Week 12
Introduction to Ray Tracing
Object - Ray Intersection
Week 13
Ray Tracing: Special Topics
Week 14
Ray Tracing:The Mandelbulb
Mandelbulb Numerical Procedure