Installing BPQ on the Raspberry Pi and TNC-Pi

Willem A. Schreüder AC0KQ

This describes how to install BPQ on a Raspberry Pi computer with the TNC-Pi as the TNC. All that is needed is a radio in order to get a complete packet station, maildrop and WinLink RMS gateway.

Much more detailed about BPQ are provided at G8BPQ Home Page This page shows a mostly canned procedure to do this. You can use this as a starting point and then customize it.

If you want to use BPQ as an RMS gateway to WinLink, you need to obtain authorization from the WinLink folks. See this link on how to do that.

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Raspbian switch to systemd starting with jessie (Debian 8). These instructions will work only with this latest version of Raspbian. For older versions see these instructions.

Install and configure BPQ

Using BPQ