BeoPEST is a special version of John Doherty's PEST adapted for Beowulf clusters. BeoPEST is identical in operation to Parallel PEST, except that it instead of a master and slaves that communicate through the file system, BeoPEST uses a master and smart slaves that communicate via TCP/IP or MPI. BeoPEST also uses smart slaves which offloads much of the effort to the slaves which is important for BeoPEST to scale to hundreds or thousands of slaves.

More detail is provided in the BeoPEST Documentation.

BeoPEST is maintained by Willem Schreüder in cooperation with John Doherty and others. Please direct questions regarding BeoPEST to me.

BeoPEST currently runs on Linux and Unix systems. Download the source code and executables and you should be in business. The executables are compiled for CentOS and you may need to recompile the code for your system if the shared libraries are missing. If the missing libraries are MPI related, try the following before recompiling: On CentOS and distributions that use yum install OpenMPI
yum install 'openmpi*'
or on Ubuntu and distributions that use apt-get use
apt-get install 'openmpi-*'

If all else fails simply recompile by doing make in the i586 or x86_86 directories, depending on the hardware. You will need the gfortran compiler installed.

If you are interested in getting this running on Windows, please email me.

BeoPEST Documentation
PEST Conference Presentation
PEST 11.8 Source code, 32 and 64 bit executables (20-Jan-2009)
PEST 11.13 (16-Oct-2009)
Programmer's Documentation (PDF)
Source code
Linux 64 bit executables (TCP and MPI)
OSX 64 bit executables (TCP only)
PEST 12.0.1 (21-Apr-2010)
Source code and Linux 32/64 bit binaries and OSX 64 bit binaries
PEST 12.2 (8-Sep-2011)
Source code and Linux 32/64 bit binaries and OSX 64 bit binaries
PEST 13.6 (10-Feb-2016)
Source code and CentOS 32/64 bit binaries
PEST 14.02 (20-Jul-2017)
Source code and CentOS 64 bit binaries