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PM-DIAMOND is a general purpose data visualization and analysis tool specifically suited to a modeling environment.


PM-TARGET is a series of groundwater flow and transport models. Versions exist for one dimensional, two dimensional vertical, two dimensional depth averaged horizontal, and three dimensional flows. Density coupling is supported.


PM-MODFLOW is a derivative of the USGS MODFLOW program. PM-MODTAR is a multi-species transport model that relies on PM-MODFLOW for the flow calculations.


PM-JEEP is a full three dimensional atmospheric flow and transport model. It solves the full partial differential equations for the conservation of mass, momentum, energy, moisture and turbulence.


PM-GAUSS is transport model using a gaussian plume approximation for atmospheric transport. Both discrete puffs and steady plumes are represented.


PM-PLUME is an atmospheric transport model for condensing plumes. It solves ordinary differential equations for the conservation of mass, momentum, energy and moisture.


PM-HOTJET is a heat and mass transport model for a buoyant plume in a confined water body. It solves ordinary differential equations for conservation of mass, momentum and energy.

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