Principia File Upload

The best method by which to send us a file is directly by email. A compression program like ZIP or tar -z may reduce the size of the transmitted file considerably. However, if you encounter difficulties in this process, such as when your ISP sets a limit on the size of an email, you can upload files directly to us by filling out the form below and then sending us the file from your web browser.

Select the individual to whom you want to send the file, enter your name, and a message (if desired).


The Browse button next to the FILE entry lets you browse your local machine to find the file you want to send.

Click Send File to initiate the file upload.

WARNING: After you hit the Send File button, it may appear as if nothing is happening. In reality, your browser is reading the file from your local disk and is submitting a HUGE HTML request to our server. Depending on the speed of your connection, you may see nothing happen for several minutes. If you are uploading a hundred megabytes, this may take an hour, depending on the speed of the connection.

Please be patient. When the transfer is complete, you will see a page that reads


xxx bytes have been uploaded to the server.
Only when you see this messages has the transfer been completed. If you leave this webpage before the above message is displayed, your file upload will fail.

Upon upload completion, our server will send an email to the individual you selected in the "TO" box above notifying them of the file upload.

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