Principia YxK

Principia software is designed to correctly represent all dates and is Y0K, Y1K and Y2K compliant.


Dates prior to 1 AD are correctly represented. 1 BC is treated as year 0, 2 BC is year -1, and so on. The Julian Proleptic Calendar is used for all these dates. Dates prior to Julian day 0 (January 1, 4713 BC) are supported.


Dates prior to October 4, 1582 are assumed to be in the Julian Proleptic Calendar, while dates after this date is assumed to be in the Gregorian Calendar. Note that October 5, 1582 in the Julian Calendar corresponds to October 15, 1582 in the Gregorian Calendar.


There is nothing curious about the year 2000. Dates in the future are correctly represented until the next calendar correction is introduced. It is unlikely that such a correction will be introduced for many centuries.

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